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ICS offering

ICS is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial cleaning systems based on dry ice blasting technology.

With its 22 years of experience, ICS performs the development, manufacture, sale, maintenance and repair of a complementary range of dry ice blasting and dry ice making equipment.

The company puts a great emphasis on the continuous development of new systems, innovation and improvement of the technology and its customisation to fit customers’ specific needs. The company is making top-quality cleaning systems designed for use in manufacturing, maintenance and repair operations in almost any industry.

ICS has its own engineering department supporting the development and manufacture of new systems. The ICS plant encompasses manufacturing and assembling facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machines including CNC systems, all operated by highly skilled staff.

The two ICS head offices deliver to our customers all warranty and after-sale maintenance and repair services, as well as professional training, sale of dry ice, or replacement machine lending service.

The stock we maintain helps us deliver machines, accessories and parts in very short times. ICS operates internationally and its wide network of sales and service business partners will always meet your requirements with perfection.




Maintenance and Repair

Why ICS?

ICS ice cleaning systems – ahead of competitors.

Our engineering department is the industry standard setter when it comes to optimisation of dry ice blasting technology. Our proprietary feeding systems ensure seamless operation with low compressed air consumption and significantly reduced dry ice consumption. Processing and service quality is our number one priority.

ICS offers an added value, tangible competitive advantages and enhanced profitability, which are individualised and customised to match your needs. This applies to all industries and to companies of all sizes.

Entwicklung von Trockeneis-Strahlanlagen und trockeneis-Produktionsanlagen

ICS as quality mark

We make our machines and systems to top quality standards.

All our dry ice blasting machines, dry ice pelletizers as well as our patented pellet grinding and feeding systems were designed and manufactured in-house.

Each and every machine goes through detailed quality checks before leaving the plant. A test report is attached to every machine as a proof for our customers that we deliver with utmost transparency and a guarantee that our products are made to an uncompromising quality standard.

ICS - ahead of others through
technological advancements

The ICS propriety pellet grinding and mixing system is fit for the whole range of cleaning applications, from the finest cleaning using dry ice micro-particles to the most efficient removal of rigid dirt.

Our innovative feeding system, using a proprietary, worldwide patented solution, is characterised by incomparably low maintenance requirements and operating costs.

Its unique design saves your money for maintenance and compressed air. In optimal operating conditions, the service life of this system is much longer than other systems so far known.

The IC 310-S model features a patented dry ice grinder which extends the range of uses beyond conventional systems and maintains minimum dry ice consumption even in low-pressure applications.

Dry ice pellets are perfectly ground into a crystalline snow matter which is perfectly suited for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces.

Just try and see!

ICS offers more for less money

ICS delivers to its partners and customers state-of-the-art technology at fair prices. Our customers get an attractive price – performance ratio without any compromise of quality or workmanship.

Before spending your money, order from us a free presentation in your premises. We will be pleased to make a cleaning test on samples you bring to us.

We are not afraid of any comparison with competitors.

Use the opportunity of free presentation of ICS products directly in your premises

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