IC 020 - ics-dryice

Small but powerful integrated unit

Discover a new dimension in surface cleaning using our IC 020 two-hose unit with minimum compressed air demand


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Machine specifications


Fibreglass case, stainless steel wheel frame


Low-weight, only 18 kg


4 KG

Air consumption

0,3m³/min – 0,8 m³/min

IC 020 Product features

Ice Cleaner IC 020

Dry ice blasting machine


Blasting hose with a gun

Standard length of 3 m



For dry ice charging


    Protective equipment

    Safety clothes, gloves, goggles …


    Blasting nozzles

    A set containing a flat nozzle and a round nozzle with a socket


    Compressed air hose

    With a quick snap



    Dry ice blasting has never been more affordable! Discover a new dimension in surface cleaning! Now available even to sole trader’s workshops, car dealerships, car repair shops, and even smallest manufacturing or maintenance operations in any industry.
    The unique design of IC 020 features surprising flexibility and performance. The ICS proprietary maintenance free dosing system consumes the lowest quantities of compressed air, while working reliably even at pressures and capacities starting from 4 bar and 0.3 m3/min, respectively. The consumption of 1,5 mm dry ice pellets is 18-24 kg/hr.
    The machine features a low-weight compact design: 18 kg inclusive of a 3 m hose with an IG-20 ergonomic gun. You will be able to bring the machine to your workplace comfortably in just one hand.
    The excellent design of the machine allows easy handling even in confined operating settings. Operation of the machine is easy and quick to learn to any user.

    As a standard, IC 020 comes with a complete set of accessories, such as compressed air hose, dry ice shovel, personal protection equipment (safety gloves, goggles, earmuffs, …), one round nozzle and one flat nozzle, that make the device fit for a wide range of cleaning applications.
    IC 020 offers unrivalled performance for an unbeatable price.

    • Dimensions
      Length: 528 mm
      Width: 296 mm
      Height: 336 mm
    • Consumption
      Dry ice: 18 – 24 kg/hod.
      Compressed air: 0.3  – 0.8 m³/min,
      depending on the nozzle combination
    • Weight
      Empty machine: 18 kg with the blasting hose
    • Operating pressure
      4 – 10 bar
    • Hopper capacity
      4 kg
    • Material
      Housing: fibreglass case
      Wheel frame: stainless steel plate
    • Compressed air
      Connection: acc. NW 7,2 (Standard) ISO 4414/EN 983
      Requirements: clean, dry, free of oil and foreign particles (dew point below 10 °C)
    • Noise level
      65 – 94 dB – depends on the blasting pressure, nozzle combination and surface to be blasted


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