IC 110 E - ics-dryice

Versatile tool 110 E

An electrical one-hose dry ice blasting machine with remarkably low compressed air consumption


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Machine specifications


Stainless steel


49 KG


17 KG



IC 110 E Product features

IC 110 E

Dry ice blaster made wholly in stainless steel


Pressure control

Continuous operating pressure control, pellet quantity control with a consumption indicator


Trolley version

With two robust castors,
a support and a removable handle


    Plastic nozzle RN-10-06

    Round nozzle suitable for a wide range of uses


    Blasting hose (5 m)

    With a blasting gun IG 10-E


    Grounding kit

    To prevent electrostatic discharges



    IC 110 E is a medium ICS professional ice blaster designed for pressures of 10 bar or less which delivers exceptional cleaning performance while maintaining costs of the cleaning process at a minimum level.

    The design predetermines the device for businesses’ in-house machine, device, tool or mould maintenance applications.

    The machine is characterised by unique compressed air consumption, starting at 0.3 m3/min, which makes the unit an unrivalled device in its class. This dry ice blaster has a patented dosing system with continuous pellet feed control and a digital consumption indicator with a range up to 60 kg/hr.

    Compressed air control and an anti-clogging system in the hopper are standard features of IC 110 E; the hopper capacity is 17 kg. The IG-10-E ergonomic blasting gun makes it possible to blast even hard-to-reach points; a Flex Fit ball fitting is available as an optional accessory that adds extra flexibility and availability to the cleaning process. As a standard, the machine case is made wholly in stainless steel; and the dimensions and weight of the unit allow easy manoeuvering in operating and manufacturing areas.

    Combined with the Flex-Case 2 set of nozzles, IC 110 E will meet even the most demanding customer expectations.

    • Dimensions
      Length: 597 mm
      Width: 446 mm
      Height: 931 mm
    • Consumption
      Dry ice: 1 – 60 kg/h
      Compressed air : 0.3 m³ – 4.5 m³,
      depending on the nozzle combination
    • Weight
      Empty machine: 49 kg (without the blasting hose)
    • Operating pressure
      max 10 bar
    • Hopper capacity
      17 kg
    • Material
      Housing: Stainless steel
    • Connections
      Compressed air : DIN 3489 claw coupling
      Electric: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, CEE 7/4 Typ F
    • Noise level
      60 – 120 dB – depending on the blasting pressure, nozzle combination and surface to be blasted


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