Pelletizer IP-100-H - ics-dryice

A compact hydraulic pellet-making unit

The IP-100-H hydraulic pelletizer makes high-quality dry ice pellets that enhance cleaning efficiency and reduce the costs of cleaning.


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Machine specifications


Robust steel frame

Power fusing

16 A


120 kg/h


21 bar

IP-100-H Product features


Hydraulic pelletizer


Robust steel frame

Welded steel frame with anti-corrosive treatment


Advanced control

Siemens LOGO! 8


Remote access

For remote diagnostics and repair


    Side guards

    Easy-to-remove side guards for the ease of maintenance and repair


    High efficiency

    Highly efficient external heat exchanger


    Die plates

    For the making of 1.5 mm/ 3 mm/ 16 mm pellets



    With the IP 100 H hydraulic unit, you will be able to produce desired quantities of high-quality dry ice pellets in-house, in a place and at a time of your choice.

    If you need larger pellet quantities regularly, in-house dry ice making will bring you many benefits.

    When transported over long distances, dry ice is prone to loss through sublimation. During storage and transport, dry ice loses not only weight but quality as well, which is due to condensation from ambient humidity. Liquefied CO2, on the other hand, may be stored without losses in a tank in the place of production. The quality of dry ice has an important bearing on the dry ice blasting performance!

    The compact IP 100 H hydraulic pelletizing unit is able to make three high-quality dry ice pellet types. Higher-class models are supplied with three replaceable die plates for 1.5 mm, 3 mm and 16 mm pellets.

    The modern pellet-making process is electronically controlled; the SIEMENS LOGO! 8 module enables remote diagnostics, which helps to reduce operation, maintenance and repair costs. Intuitive control and a digital display enhance the professional design of the machine.

    The powerful hydraulic unit with a robust cylinder is custom-made by a renowned hydraulic unit manufacturer, and it comes with a sufficient capacity reserve to ensure long service life.
    The external heat exchanger multiplies the pellet making efficiency: the production capacity of IP 100 H is 120-130 kg of 3 mm dry ice pellets per hour. The compact size of the unit minimizes its operating space requirements.

    Make your own pellets to become independent, improve your profitability and supply dry ice to customers in your neighbourhood.

    • Dimensions
      Length: 795 mm
      Width: 1060 mm
      Height: 1500 mm
    • Empty weight
      500 kg
    • Operating pressure
      max. 21 bar
    • Hydraulic unit
      Capacity 50 l
    • Power supply
      380V/ 50-60 Hz/ 32A CEE-6h/ IEC60309
    • Noise level
      60 dB(A) – 85 dB(A)
    • Output
      120 kg/h
    • CO2 supply connection
      3/4” AG (IP-100-H), 1“ AG (Heat exchanger)
    • CO2 consumption
      240 – 288 l/h
    • CO2 pressure
      16 – 21 bar
    • Pellet size
      1.5mm/ 3mm/ 16mm


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