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ICS technology offers a wide spectrum of application possibilities.

The innovative dry ice blasting method has nearly no limits when it comes to the range of materials or surfaces suitable for cleaning. Created with a constant focus on environmental responsibility and on cost reduction and quality improvement in production processes, our system is the technology of the future.

Machine Industry

Dry ice blasting is a simple and effective cleaning method for of all parts of production machines, robotic welding machines, conveyor and laquering lines and other machinery.

Printing industry

In printing industry it is a priority to keep all cylinders and other parts of printing machines clean. Dry ice cleaning offers fast and effective solution.

Paper Industry

Glue, dust, pulp and limescale are the most notorious residues present in paper making machines. It is necessary to frequently clean these unwanted elements to protect the machines from potential shutdowns.

Automotive Industry

Injection molds and compression molds must be kept clean at all times. Dry ice blasting technology enables you to get rid of the dirt and debris without damaging the mold surface.
By using this cleaning method you avoid costly and time consuming machine or production line shutdown.

Wood and Electric Industry

Wood industry and electro industry are likely to be the areas with high explosion risk. Therefore frequent maintenance of machines and cleaning of premises is required. It is easy and simple with dry ice.

Food Industry

It is very hard to clean surfaces with solidified material or the baking furnaces in food industry. The cleaning process has to be dry and free from chemicals. It takes just to wipe out the dirt after dry ice blasting to have the furnace or machine like new.

Municipal Services

Grafitti, bubble-gums or layers of dirt are easily removed from the historical monuments and building facades without damaging the surface.

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