New presentation video of our company

We have barely taken a breather after our last successful video project and we’re back at it again. We’ve decided to record a profile video of our company and create something like a virtual tour of our premises for the public.  The project was organisationally challenging, but thanks to a great team of our workers and in cooperation with Doubles - šikovné videá, we managed to record the video in just 6 hours. 

The video consists of multiple parts. The introduction is made of collages showing the efficiency of the dry ice blasting method in a broad spectrum of industrial sectors. Subsequently, we recorded some drone shots of the building and its surroundings, followed by something like a cross-section of the production process - the most difficult part of the video project. 

“This part was especially challenging - since it was recorded in one take - without stops, without cuts. As such, every worker had to be at their workspace, of course carrying out their work, without looking into the camera, it may seem simple, but since this was recorded during actual working hours, actual hustle and bustle, it was not easy. First, a customer called, then a supplier brought materials, there is always something happening at the company. We probably did ten takes to get the recording of this part. 

We wanted to make it easier for our customers to “visit” our company during these trying times from the comfort and safety of their own office or home and to bring the whole production process of our unique devices closer to the public. And we succeeded, well you be the judge.”

ICS video profile: