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Ecological method of cleaning

ICS ice cleaning systems, s.r.o. manufactures and supplies complete technology for industrial cleaning systems based on dry ice blasting.


Areas of use

The materials or surfaces which can be cleaned using innovative dry ice blasting are almost limitless. Our technology of the future consistently emphasises ecology, cost reduction and quality improvements in production processes.

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Company Profile

ICS produces and supplies revolutionary industrial cleaning systems. Our technology uses a state-of-art dry ice blasting method for surface cleaning.

With twenty years of experience, our company develops, produces, sells and services an entire range of machines and equipment for dry ice blasting and dry ice production. The company emphasises continual development of new systems, innovation, technological improvements and adaptation to specific needs. The company produces cleaning systems of the highest quality which can be used in production, maintenance and service operations in almost any branch of industry.

Company Profile

International Distribution

ICS innovative technology is represented worldwide through our business partners. In addition to dry ice cleaning equipment sales, the company’s representatives are also expert consultants in selecting suitable equipment and its application. Our branch network and activities are continually expanding and improving to satisfy our customers’ specific needs in the best possible way.

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ICS at TECH&FEST: Celebrating the best in innovation.

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