ICS - A Quality Brand


With 25 years of experience, ICS develops, produces, sells and services an entire range of machines and equipment for dry ice blasting and dry ice production.

The company emphasises continual development of new systems, innovation, technological improvements and adaptation to specific needs. Our company produces cleaning systems of the highest quality which can be used in production, maintenance and service operations in almost any branch of industry. 

ICS headquarters includes a design and development department for developing and producing new systems, a machine park equipped with modern CNC technologies, production and assembly workshops with qualified staff, and a workshop for conducting standard tests, trials and quality control. 

ICS provides our customers with warranty and post-warranty services, professional training, dry ice sales, and spare equipment rentals. Our stock guarantee quick delivery times for machines and accessories. ICS operates internationally with a wide network of sales and service partners who will always perfectly satisfy your needs.



Why ICS?

ICS ice cleaning systems – a reliable partner for ecological cleaning

Our design and development department defined a standard for optimal dry ice blasting technologies. Our patent dosing systems ensure problem-free operation with low compressed air consumption and significantly reduced dry ice consumption. Our number one priority is quality processing and services.

ICS provides added value, substantial competitive advantages and increased profitability. Everything is individually tailored to your requirements and can be applied to any industry regardless of your company’s size.

ICS - the advantages of our technological developments

We produce equipment and systems according to the highest quality. 

All our dry ice blasting equipment, pelletizers, and patented pellet grinding and dosing systems have been developed and produced by our company. Before leaving our factory, each item of equipment is subject to detailed quality control. Testing protocols are a part of all the equipment we produce and offer customers maximum transparency and quality assurance of the highest level. 

The patented ICS pellet grinding and mixing system covers all types of cleaning, from fine cleaning with pellet microparticles to effective removal of hard residues. Dry ice pellets are perfectly grinded into a crystal snow, which can even clean sensitive surfaces easily.

Our innovative feeding system is a unique solution with a worldwide patent. The system is unbeatably economical to service and in operating costs. The design lets this unique solution save costs on servicing the equipment and minimises compressed air consumption. Under ideal conditions, this system outperforms other known systems throughout its lifetime.

See for yourself!


ICS offers more for less money

ICS supplies customers and partners with the state-of-the-art technology at fair prices. Our customers receive an attractive price/performance ratio, without sacrificing quality and workmanship. 

Order a free demonstration at your business before you spend any money! We are happy to demonstrate a cleaning test of any samples you provide.

We are not frightened of any comparison with the competition.

Take advantage of a free demonstration of ICS products at your business!