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In our catalog you will now find all blasting equipment, including their specifications, accessories (nozzles, hoses, guns, extensions) and tools for safety and protection when working with blasting machines.

The catalog also contains everything you need for specific blasting equipment, spare parts, including technical parameters, etc.

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Case Study │ Dry ice cleaning in Food Industry

Although industrial dry ice cleaning is still only being introduced in our country, it is a well-established standard abroad. Dry ice cleaning can save food companies thousands of hours per year and effectively remove pathogens from their production lines. 

Lives are at stake in the food industry. Bakeries, dairies, meat processors and dozens of other establishments produce thousands of tonnes of food every day, all while maintaining sanitary conditions on their production lines. Even microscopic contamination invisible to the naked eye is enough to produce tragic consequences, such as severe food poisoning, allergic reactions and other health problems. Production managers have a lot of responsibility in maintaining the cleanliness of the plant while also meeting product delivery deadlines to customers. Food poses a health risk to consumers without proper due maintenance. Delays in delivery also expose companies to the risk of high fines.

Experimental Study │ Sublimation of dry ice

Dry ice is meant to store goods that require very cold or frozen temperatures. Medical supplies, gases, frozen food, vaccines, etc. are some of the common things that are used with dry ice when transporting or shipping. Dry ice shipping makes use of dry ice to keep the temperature-sensitive goods intact during shipping. Goods like ice cream, medicine, injections, meat, and vaccines are kept fresh and protected during shipping with the help of dry ice. In dry ice shipping, dry ice works as a cooling agent to ensure that the products around it are kept cold or frozen.

Every product is different in nature, and it may react differently with other materials at extreme temperatures. As dry ice has an extremely low temperature, safety precautions must be taken in order to identify if the goods are eligible to be shipped with it or not. 

How much dry ice should you include in your shipment? 

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