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Machinery Industry

Dry ice cleaning becomes an integral part of production processes in the machinery industry in cleaning all production machine components (including electrical components), welding robots, conveyors and painting lines, moulds, etc. Compared to traditional cleaning methods, dry ice cleaning is a significantly faster cleaning process which can increase productivity and reduce costs. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive; it does not create secondary waste and allows objects to be cleaned even at operating temperature.

Your company’s business results and reputation are based on functioning, well-established technologies. Over the years, production lines face challenging conditions – metal parts become caked with residue and production waste and dust stick to lubricated surfaces. Sooner or later, lack of maintenance will reflect in the failure of the machine or damage to its components. The result is forced shutdown of the entire operation, which may breach supply contracts, and often also millions in investments in new machines.

Dry ice pellets remove old grease and sticky residues from your production machines, without abrasion or a single drop of water. The principle is simple: dirt is frozen and then blown away with a strong stream of air.  Mechanical dry ice blasting cleans production and technical equipment using electric and pneumatic blasting machines.

Why is dry ice cleaning so effective?  See the principle of the method here

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