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Principle of Dry Ice CO2 Cleaning

The cleaning process applies three basic phenomena: kinetic energy, thermal shock, and sublimation. The process only removes residues and no secondary waste is produced. Dry ice blasting is a cleaning method which is effective, gentle on the cleaned materials and environmentally friendly.

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Comparison with other cleaning methods

Increased productivity and economic efficiency, stricter conditions for environmental protection, and employee safety during when technological equipment is cleaned and maintained requires more modern technologies to be applied. Dry ice cleaning ideally meets these requirements and becomes an important alternative to conventional cleaning procedures. Blasting machines with dry ice saves a significant amount of time since it is not necessary to disassemble and subsequently reassemble machine parts.

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The materials or surfaces which can be cleaned using innovative dry ice blasting are almost limitless.  The process is non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-conductive; it does not use chemicals, nor does it generate secondary waste. It can be used in almost all areas of industry to speed up cleaning procedures since it allows cleaning while machines are in operation, without any need to dismantle equipment or allowing machinery to cool down.

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