Made in Slovakia ISO 9001

Introducing the IC 022 EVO by Scott Ales

ICS innovative technology is represented worldwide through their business partners. In addition to dry ice cleaning equipment sales, the company’s representatives are also expert consultants in selecting suitable equipment and its application. It is our great pleasure to announce the new cooperation with the company S.D. ENTERPRISES, Inc. which are now our exclusive representatives for USA and CANADA. The company is located in Florida and is part of the Consulting Services Industry. 

"We have chosen S.D. Enterprises, Inc. to exclusively offer our complete line of machines to the US and Canada markets."

An unbeatable price to discover a new dimension in surface cleaning with the most convenient and compact design.  An unprecedented offering to enter the revolutionary cleaning method that requires * No water * No Chemicals * No electricity.
Just add the internationally standard 3 mm dry ice blasting pellets and a 28 cfm compressed air line to remove the most stubborn and difficult dirt so often ignored by traditional cleaning methods and cleaners.