ICS on days 1.-2. On February 2024, through its exclusive business partner for the French market, ECOCRYO Technologies, participated in the TECH&FEST event. More than 10,000 professionals and 500 start-ups in Isère showcased the latest European advances in AI, cyber security, energy and space.

ECOCRYO Technologies was invited by a representative of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises to participate in a discussion at the TECH&FEST event this Friday.

"We participated in the discussion on the topic "Technical industry and decarbonization", moderated by Nicolas RIGAUD. Our intention was to present an innovative dry ice cleaning method and show how this process can be integrated into the decarbonization process. 

This event allowed us to highlight dry ice cleaning technology and our commitment to clean and green technologies.

We would especially like to thank Isabelle BERGERAT and Nicolas RIGAUD for the invitation to TECH&FEST and those present and participating in the discussions."