The innovative technology from ICS boasts a global presence thanks to our business partners. Other than the sale of dry ice cleaning equipment, the company representatives provide professional advice on choosing the right equipment and its use. Our agency network and its activities are constantly expanding and improving so that we can meet the needs of our customers in various areas.  We are fully aware of the importance of the work our business representatives carry out, which is why, after a short break and a tough time dealing with the pandemic or energy crisis, we have decided to call up a meeting of all our distributors directly in the ICS premises. Together, we have celebrated this year’s 25th anniversary of ICS and we introduced some hot items that our team has intensely worked on for the last couple of years: 



The event started with a speech from the director and founder of ICS ice cleaning systems s.r.o., Peter Gabriš. During his presentation, he evaluated sales, new investments in machine equipment, fleet, new employees and development of new products of the last season. It was followed by an introduction and a short presentation of all ICS distributors from different parts of the world (Japan, China, the Caucasus region, UAE, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Israel, Portugal, England and other).  In the afternoon, presentations were replaced by a visit to the premises of ICS and an introduction of new projects and practical demonstrations of dry ice cleaning.
The technology of cleaning with dry ice is still unknown in many parts of the world. We see it at exhibitions, on social networks or in personal contacts. Many don't know of dry ice, and the same goes for the benefits that result from its features. That is why we are incredibly thankful that we can present our technology to the whole world through our business partners, which lets us bring the world closer to an environmentally friendly alternative of cleaning compared to traditional methods - chemical cleaning, sanding or high-pressure cleaning.  

“We are happy that so many people came. In order to be able to provide a high-quality presentation of the newest technology, we divided the group into two parts.  We introduced a true novelty in dry ice cleaning - our newest IC 030 equipment, we looked at practical demonstration of the automated solution for packing dry ice into bags and automated form cleaning.  Our whole team has tirelessly worked several months on this project, and the result is well worth it.  Practical demonstrations using the new IC 430 range were also included, cleaning various objects and materials from car exterior and interior to wood and aluminium plates, which clearly showed how gently but also aggressively can our new technology work when it makes use of dry ice pellet grinding and various pressure intensities. Despite the not-so-nice weather, the event was a success and I am proud of the team in charge, who made it possible for all the finished projects to be successfully shown off. I am equally thankful to all our partners, who took the time and came all the way to us in Slovakia. I appreciate it and I am aware that only together will we be able to keep on improving and growing. " P. Gabriš