Made in Slovakia ISO 9001

ICS in the "World of Technology"

26.12.2020 10:55 | source: TA3 | photo source: TA3

"Did you clean something from oil, dust, or did you get rid of old paint? There is an ecological method for which it is not such a problem. A team of experts from Považská Bystrica deals with it. Very interesting devices are being created in this direction directly in Slovakia. 

Whether it is industrial machines, molds, cars, or even gastronomic establishments, all these things are definitely connected by maintenance and cleaning. However, it is not always easy. In many plants, chemicals, sandblasting or high-pressure water cleaning are commonly used in the maintenance process. All these methods bring environmental disadvantages to surface damage, the generation of secondary waste, or shutdown. However, not in the case of dry ice blasting technology." 

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