Unglaublich vielseitiges Gerät IC 030 mit automatischem Scrambler

Trockeneisstrahlen war noch nie so erschwinglich! 

Entdecken Sie eine neue Dimension der Oberflächenreinigung!

Parameter der Anlage




Niedriges Gewicht -
 nur 45 kg


6 kg


0,3- 2,5 m³/min (28,2 CFM)


The IC 030 Dry Ice Cleaning System is the newest, latest generation of dry ice cleaning from ICS, that will surprise you with its cleaning power!

You now have control of the consumption rate and size of the dry ice pellets that shoot out of the gun (fraction control). IC 030 offers a full range of reliable performance - from gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces at 1 bar up to aggresive blasting of heavily contaminated parts as well, at 10 bars. This blasting machine provides patented dry ice technology in a suite of ergonomic and user-friendly machines with smooth adjustment of working pressures and low consumption of compressed air (0,3 m3/min - depending on nozzle). 

IC 030 is made with stainless steel construction and quality components for long-lasting operation in a variety of industries. IC 030 has upgraded design of device combined with icreased rigidity and stability of devices. IC 030 is mobile for easy transport, and can withstand hostile working environments.

The IC 030 can clean extremely delicate surfaces as well as clean the underside of cars. To get the most out of this machine, you will need a pretty heavy-duty air compressor. If you need help sourcing one, reach out to us, and we can help.

The IC 030 needs to be plugged into an outlet because it has a motor that feeds the dry ice from the hopper into the air line. Don't worry, any 15 A outlet will work. One benefit of this is this machine is much smoother and doesn't pulsate like the ICS Evo.

Unlike the Evo, the IC 030 feeds the dry ice pellets directly into the air stream. This means that there is a lot less loss of energy from the dry ice. This equates to more efficient cleaning.

If you are serious about dry ice cleaning, this is the machine you need.


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Länge: 670 mm
Trockeneis: 1-40 kg/h
Empty machine: 45 kg
Breite: 330 mm
Druckluft: 0,3 - 2,5 m³/min. abhängig von der Düsenkombination

Höhe: 575 mm /930 with Handgrip

Kapazität des Trockeneistrichters
1 – 10 bar
6 kg
bis 10 bar

80-85 dB(A) je nach Strahldruck
bis 10 bar

und Düsenkombination


NW 7.2 coupling, acc. ISO

4414/EN 983 standard