Versatile cleaning machine IC 110 E

An electrical one-hose dry ice blasting machine with very low compressed air demand.



Stainless steel


51 kg

Hopper capacity

17 kg

Air consumption

0,5m³/min – 4,5 m³/min


IC 110 E is a medium ICS professional ice blaster designed for pressures of 10 bar (145 PS) or less which delivers exceptional cleaning performance while maintaining costs of the cleaning process at a minimum level.

The design predetermines this machine for businesses’ in-house use for  tool, machinery or mould maintenance applications.

The machine is characterised by unique compressed air consumption, starting at 0.5 m3/min (17,5-159 CFM) which makes the unit an unrivalled device in its class.

The ergonomically shaped blasting gun IG-10-E enables blasting even in inaccessible places, it can be supplemented with a Flex Fit ball head, which significantly multiplies the flexibility and availability of the cleaning process. areas of operations and production processes. In combination with the Flex-Case 2 nozzle set, the IC 110 E meets even the most demanding user expectations.

IC 110 E is a cost effective dry ice blasting solution suitable for variety of applications.

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Examples of use

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Length: 597 mm
Dry ice: 0-60 kg/h
Empty machine: 51 kg
Width: 446 mm
Compressed air: 0,5 - 4,5 m³/min. (17,5-159 CFM)
(without the hose)
Height: 931 mm
(depending on the nozzle type)

Operating pressure
Hopper capacity
Max 10 bar / 145 PSI
stainless steel
17 kg

Service supply connections
Noise Level:

Compressed air : DIN 3489 claw coupling
60 – 120 dB(A) depending on the blasting

Electrical: 110 – 240 V, 60 Hz, CEE 7/4
pressure, nozzle type and the cleaned surface

Type F